Aparna in Mozambique

Monday, February 04, 2008

A Little Glimpse...

Hey Guys,

So here are a few pictures of my weekend excursion. Don't be fooled, I am still settling in and my friends are spoiling me. This weekend we went to Rio Savane, which is a true paradise. I am still fleshing out my project and next week I am in Maputo all week working just on this. Also, I will be taking pics there and in Beira so you can see what really happens (not on holiday weekends). But, for the time being, I hope this keeps people sufficiently entertained!

Will post reality soon...



Blogger The Bear Maiden said...

Wow. So far Mozambique looks beautiful. I loved your description of the rain. We had rain like that when I lived in Jamaica, but they had these huge "gullies" that drained the water out to sea. When it wasn't raining people would walk in them/use them for roads/sometimes build shacks alongside them, so when it rained really hard, all those things would sometimes get washed away.

What's the music like? Do you think you could upload some? there are free file storage places, and you can place a little widget so we can hear the music. Send me email OL and I'll send you links...

Miss you!

5:03 AM  

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