Aparna in Mozambique

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Cinco de Maio

Eeek, woke up late this morning. Well, too late anyways for me to go for a walk. Not actually too late for normal people. Just too late for me what with my coffee, news, other reading, and mentally preparing for the day. I know, I'm a nut. This morning I woke up and regretted my last blog. It is something that I've definitely mentioned more than once, but I still somehow feel uncomfortable with. I remember once reading in Barack Obama's first book, he makes the point that you can go to another country and suddenly things that are not ok with you become OK. And that is really what I felt like yesterday. But, ah well, these things don't have immediate answers necessarily.

Later last night I went out for dinner and realized and realized that I need to perhaps not be a debbie downer (SNL skit reference) all the time. I'm very happy with my experience, just maybe eager and excited to be back in the U.S. Also, maybe this is just reality and I need to face up to it. In conversations with friends, I realized that I am a person that romanticizes the past as this place/time where everything was perfect. You know what I mean, where gentlemen were gentlemen and no one used curse words and everyone lived in a land of equality. As some point out, the fact that I only like nice thoughts and not the unpleasant is reflected in my selection of only romantic comedies and only things with happy endings. These places/times probably never existed, so maybe I need to stop having all this nostalgia for the past, more importantly a past that I don't even know.

I digress. It is a Monday morning, I have my steaming cup of coffee and I'm looking forward to this last week in Maputo. I've made lots of serious plans this week, but would also seriously like to see the Nanny Diaries, which is playing at the movie theater in town. I know, I will be in the theater with 10 year olds. In fact, this is what happened on the weekend when I went, thus resulting in my friend refusing to go with me. Ah, I'll try and convince her again...the excitement of my life!!


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