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Thursday, May 01, 2008

It is the first day of May

Well, I realized that now I blog frequently enough to not have to write in letter format. So, here's to trying something new on the first day of my favorite month. Most people know why it is my favorite month!! Today is a holiday in Mozambique and in lots of other places too. Its the Day of the Workers, Dia dos Trabalhadores. What am I doing on my day off. Working. I want to finish my report. I've been trying to finish my report since this morning. But, everytime I write down one figure, I find a new one. Different populations for the district that we worked in depending on who you ask. Different numbers of health facilities depending on who you ask. And my favorite, different distances from the health facilities, depending on where you actually are starting from first of all, and then, of course, who you ask. So, going back and forth back and forth. And I decided, hey, I'm just going to write this thing in English first. When I started, I was doing the translations at the same time, but now I realized if I have to change, it'll be two documents, so better to just have one to edit to begin with. Wish I had thought of this maybe 2 weeks ago.

The other thing is that I am at home working and its not only my day off. Everyone in the building is home today. Most importantly the children are home. When I woke up I was admiring their cuteness in as I sipped my coffee. But, its been a whole day of kids playing. And they play only in the very very echo prone region of the back alley. They also like to throw things at each other that make noise. Buckets. Pans. Balls. You name it. Somewhere in the mix of 4-12s, there are a few babies. Thats right. The kids are babysitting. So when there is too much throwing the babies cry. Babies crying and throwing sounds and older siblings yelling at them. Plus then the moms yelling to cut it out. Or come in for lunch. Which I prayed that they would do, but didn't. Why do kids never get hungry on days off?? Anyways, I actually had to put my ipod on. But, after a while, I felt just silly. I realized that this is really really funny. Well, at least I'm sure that tomorrow it will be.

Right now I'm trying to focus on my report (as you can tell) in between the huge teenage mutant ninja turtlesque battle seen going on right behind my house.


Anonymous Victoria Tai said...

Aparna, you're great. Keep going on that report. Hey just wondering, do you think we'll EVER meet on the same continent? Because that'd be awesome. - Vicky

9:38 AM  
Blogger Aparna said...

I finished the report! And yes Vicky, hopefully later in the year we can be in the same place....I hope!!

12:06 AM  
Blogger pragzz said...

me too!!

6:58 PM  

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