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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Eyes still closed

I'm awake, but I'm pretty sure that my eyes are still closed. So tired. Why? One mosquito in my room last night. Its getting cooler and there aren't a lot of mosquitos around. But, all you need is one. I've never hear buzzing in the U.S. from a mosquito quite like the ones I've encountered in my time in Malawi and Mozambique. I'm telling you, the most dreaded sound....and it always comes right when you are falling asleep. It happened to me last night at 11:45PM. From 11:45-12:30, I tried to fall asleep and ignore it, thinking, hey its a tiny mosquito, just ignore it. That never works. So, then from 12:30 to 12:45, I waited and tried to stalk it so I could rid it of its existence. Being the vegetarian Hindu, I kinda felt bad about this. So, I stopped and decided to let it be. Sprayed the room with Bay-gon insect repellant. Sprayed my sheets. Sprayed my skin. And put a wet wipe soaked in insect repellant next to my bed. 5 minutes later the mosquito was back. It bit my arms, legs, my neck. Although I was fully covered by the sheets, it somehow got in there. How, I have no idea. SO yeah, finally, I remembered my roommate in Malawi. To distract the mosquitoes, fans and lights are the best idea. I turned the fan on. It was still around, but not being able to fly closely to me, the buzzing was less and so was the biting.

Yeah, so it was a big night for me. Today is my last day on Project #1. I have two meetings. Of course I have to give a powerpoint. Why wouldn't I? I am not sure if I use them well, but my tactic is to distract with pictures. Usually works when I'm watching a presentation. Then lunch, then I need to pack, then I am going out for some last bites of Mozambican food. Yum. Anything involving coconut milk is a good idea in my book.

Eyes still shut. Coffee making it better although I ran out of my last drop of milk. I am going to wake up now and make sure that I am prepared for my presentation. Just had to make sure that everyone knew about the mosquitos down here and just how annoying in addition to other things, that they can be.


Anonymous pragzz said...

Mosquitoes stalking a hindu vegetarian...feels oddly familiar! However, I have no qualms about killing them. They are the devil incarnate.

10:18 PM  
Blogger The Bear Maiden said...

Hey, there girlie!! Man I laughed about the mosquito. I grew up in Jamaica... they are no joke.

I heard that taking vitamin b6 gives off a scent that they don't like...

2:56 PM  
Blogger Aparna said...

Ha thanks guys for the comments! Those that come from the warm places DEFINITELY know what I'm talking about. At least I haven't had malaria yet....knock on wood!

1:53 AM  

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