Aparna in Mozambique

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Pictures from Krueger Park and Swaziland

I have been a lazy picture taker lately, but here are a few from some recent travels. I will try and take more of my day to day life, but I feel a little strange about taking pictures when I am actually working (clinics, research, bairros, etc.) I have some ethical dilemmas about this, but I guess this is what people are also interested to see, not just when I go on vacation or have fun!!

In the meantime, anyhow, here are a few before I get back to work (can you tell that I had my coffee today??)

July 08 Visit to Swaziland


Blogger The Bear Maiden said...

Aparna, I love your pictures... you gotta take more. Especially when you're working :)

And one day you gotta get to the music.

Love you, girl! and am SO proud of you and what you're doing...

2:50 AM  

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