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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Not sleepy so let me tell you why

Top Five Reasons I can't sleep....what about you??

1. I have a lecture tomorrow morning on public health strategies and not yet sure what they are.

2. I did a yoga video with a friend in italian dubbed in english. I actually just watched half of it.

3. I only had one cup of coffee today.

4. I am home alone and it feels weird not to gossip with my roommate until 12AM (girls, I know!)

5. I drank too much tea because of the no coffee. Now I am making plans. Some of which are totally ridiculous and implausible, but I do love creating these alternate universes for myself.

This is a silly post, I know, but again, instead of writing heavy heavy I thought it would be good to break it up so I can get my creative juices flowing all over again.


Blogger The Bear Maiden said...

LOL. I'm not sleepy cuz I have issues. Or rather, I am sleepy but my issues keep me up. I should have drunk some coffee... ironically enough coffee after a certain time in the evening knocks me out...

1:07 AM  

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