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Friday, July 11, 2008

Off to Maputo....again

Well, this afternoon I am heading to Maputo, again. I've been in Beira for almost exactly 2 months and it has flown by. No awkward down times, no moments of boredom, no feelings of loneliness. I can honestly say that I've had just the right amount of work to do.

And I'm ready to go to Maputo, because, tadah, I finished my report....finally, on the study that we did at the end of May. Ok, well its still in revisions with my colleague, but anyways, I've sort of passed it on and am ready to go. Now I just have to get ready for this presentation I have to give at 10AM on Monday!! I think I am mostly ready but just need to brush up on some of the words before I go up there. This one is going to be on the evaluation that we did in April in the south.

So, yes. In my last moments in Beira for almost a month, I woke up early to enjoy Beira. I am going to run to this tiny georgous gallery that I have never been to and see if I can find anything for my mom. Then, I was thinking of walking down the street and buying some shoes for work. Yes, shoes off the street....straight to Beira from the U.S. or Europe. They are actually really nice. Although my concept of what is in fashion might be terribly off at this point!

Ooops, interruption. A friend is coming to pick me up in half an hour to go to the house of fruits and the deli with nice things like couscous. Ok, well why I am really going to go is to catch a ride for the shoes and the present for my mom.

Let me get back to substance, so the exciting thing about Maputo is that I am presenting our rapid health assessment and then we are also talking about the concept of the project on a greater scale. We will discuss our second phase interventions and how this can be managed in the next five years and funded....and yeah if this project can be taken to the national scale. Its all pretty exciting and hey, I guess I'm sort of this intern groupie, but still, its fun to see what happens. As I go further along, I am not really sure if I believe in the project and if it will work, but as the big guy says, if it doesn't work, it was still worth a shot. Still having doubts....but you never know until you actually experience it.

I know I am being ambiguous but thats because I don't want to name call on my blog and talk bad about things until I am sure.....

One thing on my mind this week. My roommate and I were discussing how, it is totally normal nowadays for use to be sitting in a room full of people that are HIV+ and not even think twice. I think when I was in the states I might have met a total of 10HIV+ people that were out about the issue. What is everyone else's experience with this? Just out of curiousity....

Talk about how much things can change in terms of how you think and experience life....in just a few years....

I'll be back to post once in Maputo and reunited with the other half of my brain in Mozambique, EMS!


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