Aparna in Mozambique

Friday, November 28, 2008

Missing in Action

The last few weeks have been a little but busy with traveling. Again, for the study I was in Chimoio, Tete, and then Buzi district in Sofala for a different project also related to HIV/AIDS. I am finally back to Beira and wanted to (better late than never) put up some pictures of my house (well my roommate's house). I have 1.5 weeks left in Mozambique, quite a bit to do, but looking forward to wrapping up....it is 6AM on a Sunday morning and I woke up about an hour ago thinking about how much I needed to catch up on the news and post at least something on my blog. I will work on the Pemba and Nampula photos when I can and will work on some more profound observations when I can......happy thanksgiving...I am thankful for all the opportunities I've had in the last few weeks and all the people that have supported me over the past few years......

Beira my house!


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