Aparna in Mozambique

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Catching up

Its a sunday in Beira and although I have a lot to do this week, I cant seem to get motivated. Yesterday and today I spent most of the day swimming, drinking coffee, and reading....and reading....and eating and sleeping. It feels good, my body must be needing it. I finally have been able to post at least a few pictures of my travels to Nampula, Pemba, and just a few from Tete. I somehow didn't even think to take out the camera in Chimoio or Buzi. Sorry for that. I don't have many people of my project pictures but thats because I feel, as always, conflicted about putting up pictures of people who will never have access to see these pictures on the internet and thus, would never be conscious of the fact that I put them up, ..... and so, I didn't. In any case, we can enjoy these few vacation-esque pictures...and I will stick to my relaxed Sunday and leave my more profound thoughts for a during the week blog.....bom domingo

Nampula and Pemba


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