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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Back to Malawi...Full Circle

It is crazy. I remember counting the days here and there and thinking this many days, this many projects until I leave. And now, finally, tomorrow I leave. And where am I? I am at the Ryalls hotel in Blantyre, MW. Just like I used to be during my days in Blantyre. Its strange. My friends aren't here. Its raining. Its cold. And it feels sort of like those first days when I got to malawi. When I didn't know my feet from my head.

Well, now I am running around last minute trying to meet people, have dinner, and upload photos for my readers, but its mostly just a distraction from it being my last night and all.

Do I have any last minute conclusions? Not really! I am terrible at goodbyes and terrible at last minute conclusions. I think I go back to my stance that people are the same anywhere you go and anywhere you go you just live your life really. But the important thing is to never lose that feeling about being curious about where you are and the people around you. And to make observations of things that you find different in each distinct context. But, overall, I think over the past 2 years, well, all I can conclude is that its important to relax, observe, and think. That is probably more important than making definitive statements. Ah, sigh, what a "social scientist" I have turned out to be.

I would again, like to thank all of the people who have supported me over the past two years and to thank the greater force up above. I really am grateful for this time, even if I am left with even more questions before.

I look forward to coming home and to seeing all of you and hearing about your lives. Thank you for reading and I hope to keep in touch in other ways, other than the country based blogs....

Warm wishes for this cold winter and new year!!!


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